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LBGP Day 2 – Storm has blown through

A quick pano from our seats before qualifying starts at the Long Beach Grand Prix.

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In our seats. Waiting for qualifying. Cmon’ TK or Graham!


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Get outta Dodge!

We got in, we got out. We did our day one of the Long Beach Grand Prix before the storm hit. Here’s some images from our quick walk about in the L.B.


2012-04-13 10.01.34.jpgc24-LBGP Day 1 (11 of 13).jpgc26-LBGP Day 1 (10 of 13).jpgc37-LBGP Day 1 (12 of 13).jpgc47-LBGP Day 1 (8 of 13).jpgc13-LBGP Day 1 (6 of 13).jpgc53-LBGP Day 1 (7 of 13).jpgc92-LBGP Day 1 (9 of 13).jpgLBGP Day 1 (1 of 13).jpgLBGP Day 1 (2 of 13).jpgc85-LBGP Day 1 (13 of 13).jpgLBGP Day 1 (5 of 13).jpg


Get Directions
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It’s Grand Prix Time

Long Beach Grand Prix 2004

From our seats - 2004 Long Beach Grand Prix

It’s a rite of Spring. Every year in So. Cal. about this time, The streets of Long Beach are configured to take on some of the best race car drivers in the world. This year is no different, but the cars are. IndyCar has made significant changes to the cars and rules in the wake of the death of popular driver Dan Wheldon. No longer naturally aspirated, we’re back to turbo’s. The body style has also been changed to facilitate pack racing. So, like lemmings to the cliff, we once again make our way to the beach and get ready to take part in the 2012 Long Beach Grand Prix.

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