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Images made with professional models

Victoria’s Dare – BTS

A BTS video from our recent session with Victoria Dare. We targeted three distinct looks with lighting changes throughout the session. Make-up by Nataly Fosberry and hair by Paige McClure. Victoria’s full image gallery can be found here.

Victoria's Reel

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April Lynn at Light & Sand Studios

We recently shot a new face in the studio and mixed in some editorial looks too. Our model was April Lynn Neuman and “M.U.A.H by Taryn” supported us with looks. You can find our BTS video here.

April (1 of 1)-4.jpgApril (1 of 1)-7.jpgApril (1 of 1).jpgApril (1 of 2)-3.jpgApril (1 of 2)-4.jpgApril (1 of 2)-7.jpgApril (1 of 3)-2.jpgApril (1 of 3).jpgApril (1 of 4).jpg

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Every once in a while, we’ll have one of those photo sessions where we get a broad spectrum of looks from our model and make-up artist. Our session with model Marissa P. and make-up artist Jazzmene was one of those sessions. We started off with a girl-next-door nude make-up look (with a hair fan thrown in for good measure). From there we moved to a high key beauty look with Marissa’s hair pulled back and tight to her head. Then the hair came back down and we added a men’s white dress shirt with two different lighting scenarios. Gorgeous natural North light and a studio set-up. From there a ballerina sequence (Marissa was a dancer) again shot first in natural North light then with a different studio light configuration. Rounding for home, we had Marissa in several gowns as we shot a Hollywood 30’s/40’s noir look, finished in both color and b&w. Our last look almost didn’t happen as we intended on shooting this look but had forgotten to include it and the participants had all packed up and were leaving when we remembered. We had a beautiful blue scarf, which Marissa wrapped around her head and we placed her against a jet black felt in front of the natural light we have streaming into the studio.

To see our work visit Marissa’s gallery comment on your favorite from the series. We’ll have a BTS video from this session up soon.

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Looking for a great MUA – TF session

We’re looking for a great make-up artist for our “TF” session this Wednesday in Yorba Linda. Watch this recent bts video of Susanne and MUA Jessie at work at L&SS. If you’re interested, contact me for details.

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Scarlet at Light & Sand Studios

Here’s a behind the scenes video from our recent session with Scarlet. We had fantastic hair & make-up support from “CJ” Jetphukthai. This was the first time I had worked with CJ and I was very pleased with the results we achieved. That’s Scarlet’s mother you see hovering in the background. It was a real family affair! This was only Scarlet’s second attempt at modeling. She was a little nervous at first, but by halfway through the session she loosened up and started having fun.
You can see Scarlet’s complete gallery here.

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Behind the scenes with Susanne & Jessie

Here’s a BTS clip from our recent session with model Susanne Peterson and Jessie Marie – Make-up Artistry on H&MU. Susanne’s gallery can be found here.

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We had a great studio session with a new model today. Susanne came down from Los Angeles to shoot a beauty concept. We had fantastic support from a new make-up artist – Jessie Marie Bealer. I’ve just started post on the images, but the full gallery can be found here. Here’s a teaser image. We’ll be adding to the gallery throughout the week. Stay tuned…


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My time with Lynn

Lynn with North Light

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend some time with model Lynn Sanchez in the studio. Lynn is a make-up artist who wanted to get some images of herself. This was more of a test shoot as we had never worked together before. Lynn’s session was a bit different from my previous shoots in as much of her alternative type look. The goal of this shoot, (besides getting to know each other) was to explore different looks we could get with minimal wardrobe & make-up investment. Additionally, I wanted to contrast natural light against my studio light set-ups.

At this writing, I’m still running post on these images, but you can see our work at her gallery here.

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Winter In Southern California

Nickie at Bolsa Chica

Winters are tough in So. Cal.


Well, all I can say is it’s a good thing I didn’t make any New Years resolutions to post more frequently to this blog. This entry is all about how tough we have it here in Southern California when winter rolls around. As I write this, the N.E. area of the United States is gripped by sub-zero, life threatening temperatures. So you can imagine my trepidation when a group of photographers from a Flickr pool, O.C. Strobist, decided to trek down to the beach in the dead of winter last weekend.

Conditions were good with a minus tide and a mild Santa Ana wind forming. We met up with our talent around 3:30 and scrambled over some rocks to, (of course a restricted area) on the beach. Where else would a photog be drawn to but an area that says KEEP OUT! The images in this gallery were shot on Saturday, Jan 22nd, 2011.

My plan was to execute a shot list in order to compile a melancholy fusion piece, but of course, with all the hardware and grip that I hauled down to the beach, the shot list and a key piece of “paper” was lacking among the 50 pounds of image making equipment. I cobbled together some shots so I could at least try to produce the “mood” I was looking for. You can see that short here.

_MG_7713-Edit.jpgBolsa Chica XI-10.jpgBolsa Chica XI-2.jpgBolsa Chica XI-3.jpgBolsa Chica XI-4.jpgBolsa Chica XI-5.jpgBolsa Chica XI-6.jpgBolsa Chica XI-7.jpgBolsa Chica XI-8.jpgBolsa Chica XI-9.jpgBolsa Chica XI.jpgBolsa Chica XII.jpg

Get Directions
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Nov Models Studio Session

Liz with hatShot a studio session this last weekend with two local Orange County models, Liz and Hannah. Liz is the brunette and Hannah the “fiery” redhead.  We planned to do a “combo burrito”, (my term for 50% studio, 50% location shoot, but as luck would have it, it POURED! I mean, c’mon we’re famous for never having any rain here in So. Cal. But we made the best of it and stayed indoors.

We had a great time and the girls were very easy to work with and did a GREAT job. We played “Name that Band” with 80’s music poppin’ in the background, (I think I won).  Turns out Hannah is a singer too, (she won that contest). Images from the shoot can be found here

 To see a video of the shoot click here.

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