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What came first… the video or the soundtrack?

Ok, so this is a real short piece I put together. The ONLY reason produced this short clip was because of the song I stumbled on at ccmixter. You can find various generas of creative commons music there for your productions. They have different CC licenses so pay attention and make sure you get the appropriate license for your project.
This clip, “A Tail of Tug and War” has a catchy little diddy I used called “Robbie Don’t Eat My Underwear” by Scomber.

I swear, once you hear it, you won’t be able to get this damn song out of your head! Enjoy.

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Spencer at home


This is a test of my new mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) & the WordPress app I just installed. Very easy to d/l and install.
This will test the ability to post from the phone with an added image. Mission accomplished!

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Puppies wish You a Merry Xmas

Our Puppies wish You a Merry Xmas. Just a short Holiday diddy from Sheba, Sabre, Sasha and Spencer.


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